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1. Lucia Vacca GET INFO

Staten Island, NY
Jamaica, NY
New Hyde Park, NY

Lucia Vacca
Lucia Vacca

2. Lucy P Vacca GET INFO

Corpus Christi, TX

Dominique N Longoria
Joe Anthony Longoria
Jenavi Saenz
David Greses Vacca
Jennifer Lee Vacca

3. Lucille E Vacca GET INFO

Stickney, IL
Northbrook, IL

4. Lucia Vacca GET INFO

Eastchester, NY
Cape Coral, FL
Yonkers, NY
Fort Myers, FL

Domenica S Vacca
Janet Florence Vacca
John M Vacca
Natale G Vacca
Kingson James Woo

5. Lura Wirt Vacca GET INFO

Christiansburg, VA
Charlotte, NC
Huntersville, NC

L W Vacca
Leah E Vacca
Leah W Vacca
Lura W Vacca
Steven Mark Vacca

6. Lucy A Vacca GET INFO

Worcester, MA

L A Vacca

7. Lucille D Vacca GET INFO

Woodland Hills, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Michael B Vacca

8. Lucy Vacca GET INFO

Westfield, NJ
Scotch Plains, NJ
Garwood, NJ
North Plainfield, NJ

Lisa Ann Mcconnell
Paula C Notarmaso
Larry A Vacca
Melisa C Vacca
Nicola Laurino Vacca