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1. Frank Vacca GET INFO

North Conway, NH

Frank Vacca

2. Helen T Vacca GET INFO

Brecksville, OH

Helen T Vacca
Joanne L Vacca
Richard A Vacca
Cynthia R Vacca-Brister

3. Steve Vacca GET INFO

Cranberry Township, PA
Zelienople, PA
Wexford, PA

Christopher J Vacca
James J Vacca
Patricia A Vacca
Saveria M Vacca
Steven G Vacca

4. Maidana Vacca GET INFO

Seven Hills, OH
Avon Lake, OH

Vacca Maidana

5. J Vacca GET INFO

Lyndhurst, NJ

Alfred T Vacca
Eileen T Vacca
J Vacca
Jeanj Vacca
Jean J Vaccia

6. Natasha S Vacca GET INFO

Ontario, NY
Rochester, NY
Putnam Valley, NY
Geneseo, NY

E Pfiffner
Erich Silvia Pfiffner
Barbara A Vacca
Jeff Brian Vacca
Jerome A Vacca

7. Michele N Vacca GET INFO

Chapel Hill, NC

Michele N Vacca

8. Charles J Vacca GET INFO

San Marcos, CA
Solana Beach, CA
Del Mar, CA
Boca Raton, FL
Garland, TX

Jennifer Lauren Blanton
Paul R Lecocq
Christopher J Vacca
Jenny S Vacca
William P Vacca

9. M Vacca GET INFO

Quincy, MA

Elizabeth Regina Vacca
Mary Ellen Vacca
Mary Ellen Vacca
Mary Os Vacca
Jane S Vacca-Jarvis

10. William D Vacca GET INFO

Lake Worth, FL
Milton, MA
Delray Beach, FL
Randolph, MA

Brendan J Burke
Irene Lt Burke
William Alexander Burke
William Ambrose Burke
Dorothy Vacca-Valera

  • Name, Age, Aliases

  • Past & Current Locations

  • Possible Relatives & Associates

11. Virginia L Vacca GET INFO

Chesapeake, VA
Pittsburgh, PA
Bridgeville, PA

David John Dejames
Melinda R Sykes
Mary A Vacca
Nicholas A Vacca
Stephanie N Vacca

12. Raymond P Vacca GET INFO

Brooklyn, NY

Raymond P Vacca

13. N Vacca GET INFO

Cape Coral, FL

Domenica S Vacca
Janet Florence Vacca
John M Vacca
Lucia Vacca
Natale G Vacca

14. Stephen J Vacca GET INFO

Woonsocket, RI
North Attleboro, MA

Stephen Vacca
Stephen J Vacca

15. Anthony Vacca GET INFO

Pittsburgh, PA

Anna R Vacca
Antonio A Vacca
Diana P Vacca
John Vacca
Lisa M Vacca

16. Annette Vacca GET INFO

Phoenix, AZ

Annette Vacca

17. Richard R Vacca GET INFO

Millis, MA

Kimberly Vacca

18. Clara Vacca GET INFO

Cape Coral, FL

19. Susan Vacca GET INFO

Delray Beach, FL

Susan Vacca

20. Anthony Dominic Vacca GET INFO

Pocono Pines, PA

Anthony Dominic Vacca