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1. Mary Vacca GET INFO

Lafayette Hill, PA
West Chester, PA
Conshohocken, PA

Anne Virginia Clarke
Patrick M Hanifin
Bruce Paul Kinsey
David P Vacca
Peter J Vacca

2. Mary E Vacca GET INFO

Virginia Bch, VA

3. Mollie A Vacca GET INFO

Cincinnati, OH
Chapel Hill, NC
Kennett Square, PA
Charleston, SC
Providence, RI

Ashley L Vacca
Domenic Vacca
Domenic L Vacca
Nancy Ross Vacca
Nicholas A Vacca

4. Molly J Vacca GET INFO

Cedar Grove, NJ

Molly J Vacca

5. Mary M Vacca GET INFO

Naples, FL
Marco Island, FL
Syosset, NY
Pine Mountain, GA
East Rockaway, NY

Peter Cavalluzzi
Peter Cavalluzzi
Peter D Cavalluzzi
Colleen Vacca
Marguerite M Vacca

6. Mary Vacca GET INFO

Finksburg, MD
Nottingham, MD

Nicholas M Coppolina
Denise A Coppolino
Nicholas M Coppolino
Paul Andrew Lane
Paula Lane

7. Mary E Vacca GET INFO

Rochester, NY

James Vacca Atty
Antoinette J Vacca
Lea R Vacca
Meredith A Vacca
Paul Carolyn Vacca

8. Mary Lou Vacca GET INFO

Grafton, MA

April I Vacca
C Richard Vacca
Mary Lou Vacca
Marylou Lou Vacca
Richard W Vacca

9. Minnie A Vacca GET INFO

Brick, NJ
New Port Richey, FL
Hazlet, NJ
Bayville, NJ

Daniel A Vacca
Daniel A Vacca
Daniela Vacca
Minnie Vacca
Minnie A Vacca

10. Mollie J Vacca GET INFO

Little Falls, NJ
Little Falls, NY

Robert Vacca

  • Name, Age, Aliases

  • Past & Current Locations

  • Possible Relatives & Associates

11. Mary Lou Vacca GET INFO

Whitman, MA

Emily J Vacca
Lou Mary Vacca
Mary L Vacca
Mary Lou Vacca
Marylou K Vacca

12. Mary Lee Vacca GET INFO

Orlando, FL
Brooklyn, CT
Westerly, RI

Melinda M Schilling
Melinda Shilling
Adam Scott Vacca
James M Vacca
Mary Lee Vacca

13. Molly A Vacca GET INFO

Muscle Shoals, AL
Sheffield, AL
Tuscumbia, AL

Allison Vacca
Allison Melissa Vacca
Ashley M Vacca
John Michael Vacca
Joseph J Vacca

14. M Vacca GET INFO

Quincy, MA

Elizabeth Regina Vacca
Mary Ellen Vacca
Mary Ellen Vacca
Mary Os Vacca
Jane S Vacca-Jarvis

15. Mae Vacca GET INFO

Houston, TX

16. Mary C Vacca GET INFO

Piscataway, NJ
East Haven, CT
Manchester, NJ

Alice M Vacca
Daniel J Vacca
Doris G Vacca
George N Vacca
Mary C Vacca

17. Mimina Vacca GET INFO

Brooklyn, NY

Desiree M Bucci
Domenik A Vacca
Mario U Vacca
Mimma Vacca
Anthony C Vega