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Over 2 Billion Records Available!
Over 2 Billion Records Available!

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If you need to verify an address, is the premier source for your search. The motives behind the need to look up an address are varied, and we have helped many people find the information that they need quickly.

It is possible to look up an address for anyone you know, like an old high school sweetheart or an estranged family member. Using our services, the person you have lost touch with can be easily located, using a current or previous address.

Address look-up is also userful when it comes to real estate transactions. Do you want to know who used to live in a property that you are considering purchasing? We can help you find out the names of previous owners and verify the value of a property.

Besides real estate transactions, there are several other instances where you have the need to look up an address. This includes anything from confirming the names of people who currently or previously inhabited a neighboring property, to finding the phone number associated with it.

At we make the address look-up process very simple. Just enter the city and street address that you want to search. The more information you have, the more accurate the results. Therefore, we recommend including the state and/or zip code.

Whether you are looking for the new address of a loved one, or determining the ownership of a property, performing an address look-up through can quickly and accurately get you the results you are looking for.

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