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Over 2 Billion Records Available!
Over 2 Billion Records Available!

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People Background Check

How much do you really know about the people in your life? Yes, we know what they tell us, but how much more is there that we are not aware of, and would that information be useful to us? That is why it is crucial to find out the background of the people you are dealing with.

A background check can quickly help you find out more information about new people in your life, such as someone you or a loved one are considering marriage to or facts about the new neighbors, who just moved in. Learn if an individual has a bankruptcy or a criminal past and then use this information to help you make life decisions.

The same principles can be applied to your business. Can you trust a potential employee with sensitive information? Find out with a comprehensive background check through Make sure you are able to fully trust the people you deal with on a daily basis. It is more than just the reputation of your company which is on the line.

There are billions of public records out there, and searching by yourself can be an arduous task and very time consuming. Let us help you find the information that people are trying to hide, with one of our comprehensive background checks.

At, we are able to help you find out the specifics about someone, such as:

  • Full name and any aliases
  • Complete address history
  • Any phone numbers associated with the individual
  • Date of birth and age
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Bankruptcies
  • Criminal records history makes finding accurate, up-to-date information on people easy and affordable.

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