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Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are becoming an increasingly popular tool to verify the facts about a person that has recently come into your life. Whether it is to investigate the past of someone you are dating or to collect the details on a criminal convistion, we can help you.

These types of criminal checks are also utilized in a business environment. Use to check the background of key employees who will be handling your finances and check the credentials of those that you are about to collaborate with in a business deal.

Wouldn't you like to know if someone that you have just met or are planning on employing is trustworthy and has a criminal free past? At, we understand that this information is of vital importance to you. So, you will receive a report that contains precise details relating to the crimes the person may have committed or been associated with.

It will also include such details as their age, gender, name, and any identifiable markings. Details of the actual crime will be provided when available and these include:

  • The chargine offence
  • The location of offence
  • The type of offence (misdemeanor or felony)
  • If the charges led to a conviction

There are various reason to check to see if someone has a criminal past and what the details are about it. Whatever the basis for your search, be assured that will provide you with the most accurate and complete information that is available.

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