Geographical data for Tampa, FL 33601 ()


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    Covid Cases vs Deaths for FL

    The above graph show the number of cases and deaths from Covid starting with 2020-01-21 until 2022-04-29. Covid cases in Tampa started to flatten for the first time in june of 2021. The mean rise in the number of cases from month to month has been 4.9%. The largest single month increase occurred july. Deaths due to Covid for Tampa, Florida now total 67,209.00. This year 0.00 deaths have occurred in Tampa, Florida 33601. This is 1,292.48% when compared to the national average.

    Income Comparison State vs Zip code

    The city of Tampa had a mean home value of $0.00 in comparison to the country's average of $146,724.83., The location with the biggest household income between Tampa, Florida and The USA is currently the US with an average of $44,586.32. Total earnings in the city of Tampa have a median value of $0.00

    Education Comparison by Degree State vs Zip Code

    Tampa (33601) has less bachelor degrees by percentage than the state of Florida with $0.00% versus $15.96%. There are less graduate degrees by percentage ($0.00%) compared to the average of Florida which is ($5.88%). $0.00% of the population of Tampa (33601) have a high school diploma, which makes this zip code below the national average of 66.04490808185811%.

    Poverty Segmentation

    $0.00% of the population in zip code 33601 are poor. Compare this to the state poor percentage of $9.39%.