Geographical data for Van Nuys, CA 91405 (Los Angeles city)


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    Covid Cases vs Deaths for CA

    The above graph show the number of cases and deaths from Covid starting with 2020-01-21 until 2022-04-29. Covid cases in Van Nuys started to level out for the first time in july of 2021. The average surge in the number of cases monthly has been 4.9%. The biggest single month growth occurred july. Deaths due to Covid for Van Nuys, California now total 1,005,674.00. This year 0.00 deaths have occurred in Van Nuys, California 91405. This is 19,339.88% in comparison to the national average.


    The most recent population of Van Nuys is 55,506 people. The average population from 2011 to 2019 was 48,878. The large population increase was 1,009 people, and it occurred in 2015. The largest population decrease was 1,029 people, and it occurred in 2013. Since 2011, the population has changed by 2,159.00. The average population change for Van Nuys was 3.80%. .

    Home Ownership

    According to IRS Data that has been gathered from 2011 to 2018 the amount of returns related to home ownership has changed on average -44.14% at Van Nuys (91405). The maximum returns of real estate in this zip code has been 3080 on total on 2017 and the minimum has been 1720 on 2018

    Tax returns by Income Bracket

    The number of tax returns for the highest income group ($200,000 or more a year) has been 300 since 2011, while the lowest income group ($25,000 or lower) has been 10,180 since 2011. The overall change in number of returns for the highest income group was 206. The overall change for the number of returns for the lowest income group was 1,493.

    Married vs Single Tax Returns

    68.12% (12820 individuals) of the population is single while 31.88% (6000 individuals) of the population is married.

    Income Comparison State vs Zip code

    Reported earnings in California are on average $25,770.00 The city of Van Nuys had an average home value of $488,300.00 in comparison to the country's average of $146,724.83., The location with the largest income by household between Van Nuys, California and The USA is currently Van Nuys with an average of $47,037.00.

    Education Comparison by Degree State vs Zip Code

    Van Nuys (91405) has more bachelor degrees by percentage than the state of California with $19.73% versus $18.96%. There are less graduate degrees by percentage ($5.50%) compared to the average of California which is ($7.07%). $67.73% of the population of Van Nuys (91405) have a high school diploma, which makes this zip code above the national average of 66.04490808185811%.

    Age Segmentation

    The largest age group in Van Nuys (91405) is around 20-29 years old. The smallest age group in 91405 is between 80+. The average number of people in each age group is 5,678.

    Gender Segmentation

    49.85% (25498 individuals) of the population is male while 50.15% (25647 individuals) of the population is female.

    Poverty Segmentation

    $19.84% of the population in zip code 91405 are poor. Compare this to the state poor percentage of $9.48%.

    Race Segmentation

    The White population is 26715 in Van Nuys, making it the most prevalent. The smallest population by race in Van Nuys are Native with a total of 408. Native citizens make up 52.23, while White make up 0.80% of the population of Van Nuys.