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There are many reasons that you may want to do research to see if a person has a bankruptcy. If you have a chapter 7 or chapter 11 filing, you may want to see the specific details that were made public about your case. If you are getting married, you will want to ensure that your partner's financial history is sound and that they have nothing to hide.

A bankruptcy check can also be useful if you are looking to hire someone that will have access to your businesses finances to make sure that they will be trustworthy.

Whatever the reason may be, if you want to access bankruptcy records, can help you get information and court filings records on just about anyone.

There are many reasons that people file for bankruptcy. Some are the result of negligence, like those who max out their credit cards and live beyond their means. For other people it is through no fault of their own, for example a high medical bill not covered by insurance. A good bankruptcy search will uncover if someone has filed for bankruptcy before, but also why and what the results were of that filing.

When a person files for bankruptcy, the case is assigned to a district of the federal US Bankruptcy Court. There could be more than one district depending on the size of the state. can help you navigate the multitude of records that are out there, and pinpoint the information that you need on a particular person.

Your bankruptcy search will provide you the following information:

  • Defendant and/or Plaintiff Name
  • Address and Phone Number
  • Filing Date
  • Case or Filing Number
  • Court Name
  • Amount is the premier resource for obtaining bankruptcy records and background checks, for whatever reason you may need them. Sign up today for the report that suits your needs.

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