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Over 2 Billion Records Available!
Over 2 Billion Records Available!

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Marriage records are vital accounts that form part of public records. Every marriage in every state is required to be recorded and made available to the public.

These records contain information pertinent to the couple's marriage, such as names of the bride and groom, their age, and the date of the marriage ceremony. It will also show the county and state in which the marriage certicate was filed.

Although this information is available to the public, it does not mean that it is easily accessible. There are some states that will not permit the release of marriage records; either that or they strictly limit access to any recorded information. Finding the facts becomes even more complicated when it comes to out of state marriages. That is where can assist you in getting the information you need fast and without complications.

Establishing details about a marriage is a crucial part of the research that goes into tracing your family history or genealogy. It can also help you locate long lost family members, and give you more of an insight into different branches of your family, especially when coupled with a divorce record search.

Let help you find out more about your family past. When you use our advanced marriage record services, we will get you the most up to date and accurate information that is available, quickly and effortlessly.

When looking for public marriage records for your family history, adoption or genealogy, come to the experts at

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