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My high school sweetheart Jim and I were going to be together forever; that's what we used to say. We were inseparable and absolutely firm in our belief that nothing could come between us. Of course, we grew up and we grew apart, but I never forgot about him. Two years ago, I saw an ad for your site, and started looking up tons of people, including Jim. I feel silly now saying that I checked out everything about him before I finally called! Where did he live? What did he do? And most importantly, was he married? After a few weeks of deliberating, I finally reached out to him. It turned out, Jim had never forgotten about me either. It took just a short time before we were back to our old, inseparable ways. We've recaptured that teenage feeling, and this time nothing is going to come between us.

— Lindsey M., IA

Thanks to your site, I found my father after 27 years! I had been looking for my father ever since I was a teenager. I had been told he died in a car accident, but I knew I had a sibling out there as well. I searched and searched, but didn't have any luck. A few times, I'd find the names, but outdated information. Using your site, I was able to quickly locate several family members with active, current information, and within minutes, I had found my father, alive and well!!! I hadn't seen my dad in 27 years. Through him, I also found my brother. A family reunion is planned.

— Amy O., Il

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